The monthly report form for intra EU-trade operators of foodstuffs of animal origin

You can use the online service to submit the operator’s monthly report on the foodstuffs of animal origin that you have received from the European Single Market.

To sign in to the service, use the Katso ID issued by the Population Register Centre.

Sign in to the online service

Submitting the monthly report online

  1. Select “Sign in to the online service”
  2. Select the language of the form service
  3. Sign in to the service with your Katso ID
  4. Continue from the welcome page “Continue to the electronic service”
  5. Select the report form “Monthly report by first destination operator” from the sidebar on the left
    continue editing a previously saved draft by selecting and opening the report in the “Drafts” folder.
  6. Fill in every field in the form (the fields that are highlighted in yellow are mandatory). For more information on how to fill in a specific part of the form, select the question mark (?) next to the field.
  7. If the drop-down menu in section 4 does not include the correct place of first arrival, please check that your company’s information has been entered correctly into the Finnish Food Authority’s register.
  8. If the name of the person in charge is not present in section 5, you can enter the name, phone number and email address of the new person in charge.
  9. Check that the information is correct and submit the form to the Finnish Food Authority.
  10. You will receive a reception message from the Finnish Food Authority to the registered email address if the report was submitted successfully.
  11. The submitted report is stored in the “Submitted notifications” and “All notifications” folder.
  12. If necessary, you can save an incomplete report as a draft and continue to edit it at a later date.

Further information:

Page last updated 4/1/2020