Visual identity

The Finnish Food Authority’s logo Ready at the Table depicts the wide variety of services offered by the Authority as well as its service-oriented attitude: the entire food chain from the field to the table and back, a vibrant countryside, urban living and entrepreneurship, extensive expertise and research. The label depicts a multitude of things, such as a plate, a road, a field, a strand of DNA, a cow, a spruce tip or an ear of wheat, as well as the sun.

The Finnish Food Authority’s logo consists of the label and the Authority’s name in different languages. The primary version of the logo contains the Authority’s name in three languages. Several different versions of the logo exist that can be used for different purposes. On this website, the most basic versions are the following:

Different fonts are used in different contexts: the logo’s names are written using Brandon Grotesque, the Authority’s print products use MR Eaves XL, the website uses Roboto and Calibri is used within the Authority’s offices.

The Finnish Food Authority’s main colours are bilberry, straw and raspberry, which depict safety, expertise and services. In addition to these, nine equal support colours can also be used.

The Finnish Food Authority’s logo is a registered trademark. It provides the Finnish Food Authority with the exclusive right to use the logo, and the logo is to be used only in connection with the Finnish Food Authority’s activities and services. Using the logo in any other situations requires prior approval from the Authority.

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