Import and transit of Pet Food from countries outside EU

Countries from which  import is allowed

Import of pet food is allowed from countries listed in  point 12 of Table 2  of Section I of Chapter II in ANNEX XIV ( link to table 2 on the right margin) of COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 142/2011. In the case of dogchews  and petfood other than raw petfood the import is allowed from t hird countries listed in Part 1 of Annex II to Regulation (EU) No 206/2010, and the following coun­tries: (JP) Japan, (EC) Ecuador, (LK) SriLanka, (TW)Taiwan.

Health certificate models

Import is allowed with health certificate models according to Chapter3(A) - Chapter3(D) in AnnexXV of  Regulation 142/2011. 

Establishments of origin

The consignments must originate from establishments listed in the TRACES-system.

Veterinary border control

The consignments must be checked at the veterinary border inspection post (link on the right margin).


The same health certificates are applied for transit consignments.

Other requirements

You can ask for other requirements (package markings etc.): riitta.rannikko at-merkki.gif : 1 kB

(Instruction 18126ENU)



  •   Veterinary Border Inspection