REKO sales events and outdoor sales

Can foodstuffs be sold at a REKO sales event? 

Foodstuffs can still be sold through the REKO circle; however, take into account the regional state administrative agencies’ regulations (as from 1 June) on meetings of more than 50 people (applies to both the sellers and customers). For example, it is possible to organise the distribution of foodstuffs in several places and at different times.

The operation must be organised in a way that minimises contacts between people. If possible, the times for picking up the foodstuffs should be staggered. It is strongly recommended that only one person from each family or group arrives to pick them up. Queues must also be avoided when the products are distributed. A distance of one metre from other people is recommended indoors or if even a slightest queue starts to form. The organiser of the REKO circle may also want to consider whether it might be possible to organise appointments or divide customers into groups to which products are distributed at different times.

Sellers must not come to sell food if they have fever, a cough or other symptoms indicating COVID-19 and must maintain good hand hygiene. Payment terminals and other surfaces possibly touched by people must be cleaned more frequently.

Special attention must be paid to communications during the emergency conditions. Customers and partners should be informed about changes concerning the REKO circle and the deliveries of foodstuffs.

What should be taken into account in market and outdoor sales of foods? 

  • According to current information, an outdoor sales point such as a cafe at a marketplace, a sales stand or an ice cream kiosk can be opened also during the emergency conditions.
  • As from 1 June, customer seating may be provided in connection with the outdoor sales location (indoors or outdoors).
  • If you are a new entrepreneur and start outdoor sales, notify the food control authority in the municipality your business is located in. You will find the contact details of the food control authority in your municipality here
  • If you sell products in the area of a municipality other than your own municipality, remember to notify the food control authority of the municipality in question of the future sales.
    • General hygiene
      • Pay attention to good hand hygiene, hygienic working methods and the cleaning of surfaces. Act Safely in Food Work (pdf) Print instructions
      • If you have fever, a cough, diarrhoea, a runny nose or a sore throat or you feel nauseous, stay at home.  
      • You can decide yourself whether you sell the products packed or unpacked.  
      • Instruct the customers to avoid touching the foods and packages unnecessarily.  
      • Instruct your customers to wait for their turn so that the space in front of the sales point will not become congested.  
      • Offering the opportunity for customers to use hand sanitiser in a hygienic way is a good practice. The best way to do this is to place the bottle in a holder where it is stable and where you can place several bottles at the same time.  
      • Observe the temperatures required for the foods.
    • Hand hygiene  
      • Equip the handwashing facility for staff so that it meets the needs of the operations taking place outdoors.  
      • If handwashing is not possible, reserve at least moist wipes or hand sanitiser for cleaning your hands.  
      • If you prepare food, the handwashing facility must have hand soap and running hot and cold water. Dry your hands with disposable paper tissues.
    • Cleaning of surfaces  


Page last updated 6/3/2020