Cleaning program

Maintaining a good hygienic level in a food premises requires that, as a part of own-check, a comprehensive cleaning program has been drawn up, with a cleaning plan designed for each machine and equipment as well as for work surfaces, floors, cold storage floors and shelves. The cleaning program must be in a written form and include the division of labor, schedule, and cleaning instructions by site. Instructions should be available at cleaning sites. Cleaning also involves waste management.

The cleaning instructions should state the following:

  • Who is the person in charge?
  • How can the site be disassembled and assembled?
  • How is the object washed and disinfected?
  • What equipment and substances are used to wash and disinfect?
  • What kind of solutions are used in detergents and disinfectants?
  • Where can I find the safety data sheets for detergents and disinfectants?
  • How to clean the cleaning equipment?
  • How is the cleaning result monitored?
Page last updated 7/30/2021