The control of genetically modified food is part of the regular food control that is based on the operator's in-house control and inspections. The operator – for example, the importer or the manufacturer – is responsible for the compliance of its products, also as far as genetic modification is concerned. The manufacturer must be aware of whether or not the raw materials used are genetically modified. If any genetically modified ingredient is used in the manufacturing of a product, this must be indicated in its labelling.

Municipal food control authorities oversee the due implementation of in-house control as specified in Finnish Food Authority's guidelines in accordance with the OIVA system. The food control authorities may inspect the correctness of product labelling by means of spot checks and, where deemed necessary, determine by means of analyses whether or not the product contains any genetically modified ingredients. In addition, some 10 food samples will be collected on risk basis according to Finnish Food Authority's control and sampling guidelines as part of regulatory control of domestic food production.

As no genetically modified plants are cultivated in Finland for food use, genetically modified foodstuffs are always imported products. The compliance of foodstuffs imported from outside the borders of Europe and from EU Member States is controlled by the Finnish Customs. The Customs analyses 150–200 food samples for genetically modified ingredients on an annual basis. More information about the control exercised by the Customs is available at:

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