Bottled water

Bottled water means natural mineral water, spring water or domestic water intended to be supplied to consumers or mass caterers in bottles or containers. The characteristics, treatment and labelling of bottled waters is governed by the Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on packaged water 166/2010, which governs the entry into force of directives 2009/54/EC and 2003/40/EC.

The spaces used for the packaging and storage of bottled water are considered food premises subject to authorisation under the Food Act, which also governs food premises’ operations.

Bottled domestic waters and spring waters are further controlled by the Health Protection Act 763/1994 and the quality requirements and recommendations laid down in the Decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 1352/2015. Health protection legislation does not apply to natural mineral waters.

Natural mineral water may only be placed on the market if the competent authority of the member state from whose soil the water has been extracted recognises it as natural mineral water. In Finland, such recognitions are granted by the Finnish Food Authority.

Guide for control of packaged waters

The Finnish Food Authority has prepared a guide (Finnish Food Authority Guideline No 17057) for the control of bottled waters. This guide applies to bottled domestic water, spring water and natural mineral water. Water bottling is considered a food premises operation and is controlled by the provisions of different laws. The guide reviews the requirements and recommendations of the various regulations regarding the quality of water before and after bottling, and provides guidelines for the operations and the control of operators in compliance with the Food Act.


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