Among other things, the composition of the following products is defined and only those names may be used. These names must also be used when marketing the specified products

  • cocoa butter
  • cocoa powder, cocoa
  • low fat cocoa powder, low fat cocoa
  • powdered chocolate
  • sweetened cocoa powder, sweetened cocoa, powdered drinking chocolate
  • chocolate, dark chocolate
  • milk chocolate
  • family milk chocolate
  • white chocolate
  • filled chocolate
  • chocolate confection, praline.

The names listed in Annex I to the Ministry of Trade and Industry Decree on cocoa and chocolate products (451/2003) may be used only for the products defined in that Annex and must be used in the marketing of these products. For example, the name "raw chocolate" is not defined in the Annex. Therefore, the designation raw chocolate should not be used when selling chocolate. The operator may voluntarily indicate how the chocolate is made.

A working group was set up in Finland in February 2020 by industry actors selling the product in order to define the term raw chocolate. The working group is led by the Finnish Health Product Retailers' Association. In the meantime, there is no need for food control to specifically control the use of the term raw chocolate.

In addition to the compositional requirements set out in the definitions, the act contains provisions on the permitted ingredients:

  • use of animal fats
  • use of flavourings
  • use of substitute vegetable fats
  • use of powder and starch
  • the amount of ingredients added.

The regulation also contains specific labelling requirements, e.g. the indication “cocoa not less than…%” on chocolate products.



Page last updated 1/19/2022