Meat and meat products


The decision of the Ministry of Trade and Industry on the composition and labelling of sausages (139/1996) was repealed by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Decree on requirements for certain food products (264/2012, amendment 308/2013). The Decree entered into force on 1 July 2012.

Under the Decree (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Decree 264/2012) has abolished the requirements for the composition of sausages and class A sausages. The definition of “other ingredient comparable to meat”” has also been removed as unnecessary.

Labelling on sausage packaging

  • The essential raw material for sausages is traditionally meat, so it follows from the labelling requirement for highlighting the ingredient that the quantity of the "meat content" used in the sausage must be provided as a percentage by weight of the finished food.
  • Where the essential ingredient of the sausage, meat, is replaced by another ingredient, this shall be indicated in connection with the name of the product, such as blood sausage, groat sausage, etc.
  • If the product is manufactured and packaged in Finland, the country of origin of the meat must be indicated (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Decree 218/2017)(in Finnish).
  • Meat, mechanically separated meat and organs, etc. the animal species must also be indicated.
  • The ingredients used in sausages are indicated by their own names in the list of ingredients.
  • The fat content of the sausage must be expressed as a percentage by weight at the time of manufacture or expressed as laid down separately in nutrition labelling.
  • Instructions for use, e.g. if the sausage is sold raw, must be provided in accordance with labelling legislation.
  • If a sausage casing is not edible, this must be indicated. Edible sausage casing is indicated in the list of ingredients, e.g. sheep  intestine.
  • The salt content of the sausage and, where appropriate, the indication of high salt content must be indicated in accordance with national labelling legislation (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Decree 1010/2014)(in Finnish).
  • Established names of sausages, such as “kestomakkara”, “leikkelemakkara” and “ruokamakkara” may continue to be used provided that the names do not mislead.
  • The indication of the fat and salt content applies to non-prepacked sausages. For more information, see sections 6-8 of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Decree 834/2014 (in Finnish).


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