Indication of the amount of an ingredient

Indication of the amount of the ingredient THIS SECTION IS CURRENTLY ONLY PARTIALLY TRANSLATED)

An indication of the amount of the ingredient must be provided in

  • in connection with the name of the food, or
  • in the list of ingredients for that ingredient.

The amount of the ingredient should be indicated at the time of use of the ingredient as a percentage of the total amount of all ingredients used. The amounts indicated on the label must correspond to the average amounts of the ingredient or group of ingredients stated. This means the amount obtained by complying with the manufacturing instructions and good manufacturing practice and taking into account the usual variations in manufacturing.

If the food is dehydrated by heat or other treatment, the amount of such an ingredient must be indicated for the processed food (for example, in rye bread, the amount of rye flour if cereals other than rye have been used).

However, if the amount of the ingredient used in the food indicated in this way exceeds 100%, the percentage by weight of the ingredient used per 100 g of the finished food (e.g. salami, 115 g of meat per 100 g of the finished product) must be stated instead of the percentage.

If the ingredients of a concentrated or dried food are intended to be reconstituted when the food is reconstituted, the ingredients of the food may be indicated on the basis of their weight in the ready-to-eat preparation, such as dried cooking ingredients which are reconstituted during cooking.

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