Health claims referring to children’s development and health

Article 14(1)b claims refer to children’s development and health.

Health claims on products intended for children

Article 14(1)b claims are not allowed on infant formulae. The nutrition and health claims authorised for use on infant formulae are listed in Decree 1216/2007 of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Authorised nutrition claims referred to in the Annex to the Claims Regulation and authorised Article 14(1)b health claims may be used on other products intended solely for children, such as follow-on formulae and processed cereal-based foods for infants and young children, and other children's foods (as provided for in Regulation (EU) No. 609/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council). Health claims used on products solely intended for children are always considered to be the claims referred to in Article 14(1)b.

A claim describing the normal functions of the body as provided for in Article 13 may be used on common foods making reference to its validity also for children, provided the scientific data it is based on has covered the whole human life cycle, including childhood.

In Finnish Food Authority's view, authorised claims referring to the development and health of children may be used on foods whose target group includes both children and adults. However, the consumer may not be misled. For example, it may not be implied that a health effect found in children will also benefit adults. And vice versa, a health effect found in adults may not be implied to benefit also children.

Application procedure

The use of Article 14 claims is based on an application procedure. These health claims may not be used until the European Commission has authorised the use of the claim under a Regulation. In other words, claims may not be used already at the stage when the application regarding the claim has been submitted.

Authorised and unauthorised Article 14 claims are found in the register maintained by the European Commission.

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