Guidelines for use of EU Commission's Register on nutrition and health claims, and EFSA's Register of questions

Commission's Register on nutrition and health claims

The Register which is provided in English contains all the health claims that have so far been authorised and non-authorised:

  • claims related to the normal functions of the body, Article 13
  • claims related to the reduction of disease risk, Article 14(1)a
  • claims related to the growth and development of children, Article 14(1)b

The Register does not contain claims still under assessment by EFSA nor claims on which an authorisation or non-authorisation decision has not yet been issued.

EU Register on nutrition and health claims.

Follow these guidelines:

1) Enter in the search field the English name of the nutrient, substance, food or food category on which you wish to find health claims.

2) You can make the search easier by limiting the claim status to "Authorised" or/and "Match entire phrase".
Note! Pressing Enter will block the search function!

3) The following information is provided about the claim in the various columns:

  • Type of claim
  • Nutrient, substance, food or food category
  • Claim
  • Conditions/Restrictions of use of claim, Reasons for non-authorisation
  • Helath relationship
  • EFSA opinion reference/Journal reference
  • Commission Regulation under which the claim has been authorised
  • Status (authorised/non-authorised)
  • Entry ID

4) If you wish to see the Finnish or Swedish translation of the authorised claim, you can access the legislation database of the European Union (EUR-Lex) by clicking the Commission Regulation under which the claim has been authorised.

5) Select Finnish (fi) as the language in EUR-Lex from the pulldown menu in the top right corner to access the Regulation text in Finnish.

EFSA's Register of questions

EFSA's Register of questions provides information in English on all matters under assessment by EFSA, including health claims submitted for an assessment.

EFSA's Register of questions -website.

Follow these guidelines:

1) Health claims are reviewed in EFSA by the Scientific Panel (Unit) on Nutrition. Select the Nutrition Unit in the Unit Filter menu.

2) Enter as the keyword the English name of the nutrient or substance, or the Latin name of the plant on which you wish to find more information about related health claims.

3) To find information about the assessment of Article 13 functional health claims, select in the Food Sector Area pulldown menu item Health Claims Art 13/2

4) The Register provides the following information on all assessment procedures related to the substance in question:

  • The number of the Commission's Mandate
  • Question number
  • ID number and subject of the claim
  • EFSA Unit related to the question
  • Status
    • i. Pending Risk Managers' decision = Risk Managers (Commission and member states) have not yet issued a decision.
    • ii. Finished = Procedure completed and statement issued, an active link is provided to the statement.
    • iii. Withdrawn = The applicant has withdrawn the application from the procedure
  • Output number
  • Date of last update of the matter

Pending claims

According to Article 28(5), health claims which are still under EFSA' assessment or on which the Commission has not yet issued a decision may be made under the responsibility of the food business operator until the assessment procedure has been completed and a decision has been issued. See, Health claims made on plants and their preparations.

The Commission maintains a list that indicates the ID number of all pending claims. However, the claims shall comply with the Claims Regulation and with existing national provisions applicable to them.

Health claims which have not been submitted for an assessment and new claims may not be made until their scientific substantiation has been assessed and the claim has been included in the Commissions list of authorised claims.

Page last updated 7/22/2021