Nutrients and other substances

If no daily intake reference value has been defined for the nutrient, the claim ‘contains a nutrient or another substance’ is to be applied. Although clear limit values for the nutrients in question have not been set in the conditions of use, the conditions specified in the Claims Regulation must be fulfilled.

Examples of claims of this type include "contains lycopene", "contains lutein", "contains flavonoids". Where the name of the substance refers to its function or health effect, it is a health claim (e.g. antioxidants, probiotics).

The operator is responsible for demonstrating the fulfilment of the requirements of the Claims Regulation, i.e. the substance in question has a proven beneficial nutritional or physiological effect and the product contains a significant amount of the substance. In Finnish Food Authority view, this should be part of the operator's in-house control. A scientifically proven beneficial effect can be based on, for example, statements issued by EFSA.

Page last updated 11/9/2018