Food contact material operators

  • Producers of intermediates (for example producer of plastics granulates and pulp)
  • Producers of final food contact materials
  • Importers of food contact materials
  • Wholesale business

In some cases, operators can have a double role, which means that they are both food industry operators and food contact material operators, as for example wholesalers.

Contact material operators do not include the following:

  • Produces of starting materials (chemicals) used in food contact material producing
  • Companies only involved in food contact material retail trade
  • Food industry operators who (according to Finnish Food Authority) pack food and
    • modify material into the actual packaging, for example produce a bottle out of a plastic preform or a box outline out of plastic film according to the supplier’s instructors, or who
    • print contact materials with a 3D printer according to instructors from a device supplier registered as a food contact material operator.
  • Food contact material importers who import materials for their own use, for example a bakery that imports cake boxes to pack their own products.