Regulation 213/2017 on BPA

Regulation on the use of bisphenol in varnishes and coatings 213/2018

The use of bisphenol A has been restricted in epoxy resins for varnishes and coatings and in plastic materials (EU regulation 213/2018 + EU regulation on plastic materials 10/2011).

The regulation will apply from 6 September 2018. Varnished or coated materials and articles and plastic materials and articles that were lawfully placed on the market before 6 September 2018 may remain on the market until exhaustion of stocks.

The specific migration limit for bisphenol A is 0.05 mg /kg food.

No migration is permitted from packaging intended to come into contact with food specifically developed to satisfy the nutritional requirements of infants and young children (for example infant formula, follow-on formula, cereal-based food).

It is not either permitted to use Bisphenol A in the production of bottles or cups made from PC-plastic intended for infants.

EFSA has also started a comprehensive risk assessment on bisphenol A. After its completion a decision will be made on possible new measures/limits.

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Page last updated 11/28/2018