Regulation 450/2009 on active and intelligent materials and articles

EU Regulation 450/2009 lays down specific requirements for active and intelligent food contact materials.

Active materials refer to for example various moisture absorbers and oxygen scavengers, and intelligent materials to for example various time-temperature indicators.

Although the Regulation was adopted already in 2009 and future scenarios predict strong development of different intelligent packaging solutions, the number of such applications is still limited, at least at EU level. However, it is good that legislation has been developed in the anticipation of an increase in the number of such applications in the future.

Food contact material operators must obtain EU Commission's authorisation for any new active and intelligent ingredients. The Commission has prepared guidance for the application procedure. A draft list of registered materials is also already available.

EU-guidances for applicants you can find here.

Register of substances for which a valid application for authorisation was submitted under Regulation (EC) No 450/20091 you can find here.

Page last updated 4/24/2020