Regulation on recycled plastic (EU) 282/2008

EU Regulation 282/2008 on recycled plastics pertains to mechanical recycling processes. According to the Regulation, food contact material operators planning to introduce a plastics recycling process shall seek authorisation from the EU Commission. To date, 140 applications have been received. EFSA has issued an opinion in favour of the applications and they are now undergoing the Commission's authorisation procedure.

A fact worth noting is that products manufactured using recycled plastic material must meet the requirements of Plastics Regulation 10/2011. In other words, Recycled Plastics Regulation 282/2008 only provides for the recycling process of plastic waste and for the additional information to be provided in the declaration of compliance.

In the authorisation of plastic waste recycling processes, special attention has been paid to e.g. the quality of the plastic input (permitted amount of non-food contact plastic input is 5%), the efficiency of the cleansing process, the quality of the final plastic and related quality control, as well as the intended applications of the recycled plastic material.

Page last updated 4/24/2020