The import conditions for (commercial) import and (non-commercial) movement of birds are different from each other. The import is considered movement if the bird is sent by aeroplane to Finland or some other MS with an accompanying owner or a natural person responsible for it on behalf of the owner during their movement, and it is not intended to be sold or transferred to another owner, and the number of the birds does not exceed 5. Also the situation where the bird is transported in the cargo compartement and the owner (or representative of the owner) is sitting in the cabin is considered movement.

Please notice that not all flight companies take birds on board in their flights. It is advised to ask about birds from the company concerned before buying tickets.

You can find the instructions for the import and movement of birds from countries included in the Commission Regulation 206/2010 on the left margin. The country is interpreted to be listed in 206/2010 if the name of it can be found either in Annex I or III, the restrictions concerning areas or footnotes are not taken into account.


When importing endangered species, the CITES agreement must be taken into account according to which some species are required to be followed by CITES permit. You may ask about CITES requirements by e-mailing to:

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