Import of dogs, cats and ferrets from non-EU countries

Veterinary border controls on animals are working normally again.

NOTE! The border guard is responsible for the movement of people across the border. Please ensure that the driver passes the border guard in Vaalimaa.

Animals carried as aircraft cargo are inspected normally.

NOTE! animal recipient, please have your own mask to cover mouth and nose for inspection!

Dogs, cats and ferrets

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Import of animals means a situation where the travels of the animal are not connected with the travels of the owner.

Such situations are for example when 

  • the animal travels alone
  • the animals are intended for further transfer/sale in the EU
  • the number of individuals of one species is more than 5 animals
  • the time between the travels of the animal and the owner is more than 5 days
    • If you are not travelling with the animal, go to the page IMPORT

Movement of a pet means that the animal is travelling with the owner and is not being transferred on within the EU

Such situations are for example when

  • moving from a country outside the EU into the EU with a pet
  • tourism
  • personally acquiring a new pet from outside the EU 
    • If you are travelling with your own pet, go to the page MOVEMENT


Page last updated 12/23/2020