Import of dogs, cats and ferrets from non-EU countries

Due to exceptional circumstances from COVID-19, it is not possible to import dogs, cats or ferrets those travel is not dependent on owner’s travel.

Dogs, cats and ferrets

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Import of animals means a situation where the travels of the animal are not connected with the travels of the owner.

Such situations are for example when 

  • the animal travels alone
  • the animals are intended for further transfer/sale in the EU
  • the number of individuals of one species is more than 5 animals
  • the time between the travels of the animal and the owner is more than 5 days
    • If you are not travelling with the animal, go to the page IMPORT

Movement of a pet means that the animal is travelling with the owner and is not being transferred on within the EU

Such situations are for example when

  • moving from a country outside the EU into the EU with a pet
  • tourism
  • personally acquiring a new pet from outside the EU 
    • If you are travelling with your own pet, go to the page MOVEMENT


Page last updated 4/29/2020