Non-commercial movement

  • Movements of pet animals

    Movement of your own pet is permitted from all countries outside the EU.

    The requirements after the rabies vaccination vary, so check whether a rabies antibodies test should be carried out before leaving the country of origin!

    • The animal must be marked before receiving the anti-rabies vaccination (a transponder or a clearly legible tattoo done before 3.7.2011)
      • Technical requirements for transponders

    The transponders have to

        1. comply with the ISO standard 11784 and apply the HDX- or FDX-B technology; and
        2. be legible using an identifier that conforms with ISO standard 11785 
    • The anti-rabies vaccination has been given at 12 weeks of age at the earliest
    • After the anti-rabies vaccination the following has to be adhered to 
      •  EITHER
      • a qualifying period of 21 days
      • OR
      • a rabies antibodies test 30 days after the vaccination. The result of the test must be 0.5 IU/ml or more. After the sample has been taken, there will be a wait of 3 months in the country of departure. The sample must be analysed in a laboratory approved by the EU. The approved rabies serology laboratories are found here
    • Check whether you have to do a pre-entry rabies antibody titration test! Check here for the status of the country of departure.
    • Treatment against echinococcosis must be administered at least 1 and no more than 5 days before the movement of the dog
    • The animal has to be accompanied by a health certificate in accordance with the EU model issued by an official veterinarian
      • The health certificate is valid for 10 days from the date of issue
    • The owner’s declaration regarding the non-commercial nature of the movement
    • The original vaccination documents or certified copies
    • The animal has to be presented to the authorities for inspection in the EU country it first arrives to. In Finland these inspections are carried out by customs. Choose the red line in customs and present the animal and its documentation to the customs officer.
    • The permitted points of entry in the other EU countries are found at this link

    EU pet passport

    If you travel with your pet from Finland to a country outside the EU and back, an EU pet passport has to be obtained for the animal before the trip. The EU pet passport will replace a health certificate on your return. Make sure that all measures to be taken concerning rabies for the return (vaccination, potentially rabies antibody titration test) have been carried out before going on the trip! Remember to have dogs medicated against echinococcosis before the return. This can be done and entered in the passport by any veterinarian.

    Also check the page topical

    Movement of animals from non-EU countries (in English on European Commission webpages)

    Model certificate

    Model animal health certificate for movements EN

    Model animal health certificate for movements EN-RUS

    Owner’s Declaration


    Regulation (EU) No 576/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council 

    Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 577/2013