Commercial import of rabbits and hares

Imports of rabbits and hares from non - EU countries

  • The following import conditions apply to rabbits and hares,
  • which are intended to be sold or the ownership of which is to be transferred,
  • or pet rabbits or hares which do not travel as a result of the owner's travel or within five days of the owner's travel;
  • imported for educational or research purposes.

The rabbits and hares must be presented to Veterinary Border control upon entry to EU territory

Non-commercial transfer of pet rabbit or hare with owner

A rabbit or hare which is a personal pet and travels with the owner or within five days of the owner’s travel, and the pet is not intended to be handed over or resold in the EU.

There is no limit to the number of pet rabbits and hares allowed, but the Finnish Customs has set a euro limit for personal imports. Pets can be moved to Finland via any border crossing point where Customs inspects them as part of customs control.

The movement of pet rabbits or hares is allowed from all third countries and there is no requirement for a health certificate. However, due to the special risk of animal disease, the Finnish Food Authority may prohibit transfers and safeguard measures must always be complied with. Wild animals such as wild rabbits and hares are not considered pets, and their import requires an import permit.

Page last updated 8/16/2022