FAQ: The effect of the COVID-19 coronavirus on plant production inspections

Plant health

The Plant Health Unit of the Finnish Food Authority serves its customers as normally as possible, considering the local Covid-19 situation.  Where necessary, inspections shall be carried out by distance. Inspections on site shall aim to avoid any additional human contact and long stays at the sites. The operations follow the Food Authority's general COVID-19 guidelines and separate instructions have been given to the plant inspectors.

Things to consider in our service

Phytosanitary certificates are currently delivered mainly through the office in Lappeenranta. If necessary, certificates can be picked up from the Helsinki office, but this must be agreed in good time in advance.
Contact info: kasvienvienti@ruokavirasto.fi

Contact information

Fertilizer control

Despite the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus, the fertiliser control operations will continue as normally as possible. 

The permits that are necessary for the conduct of operations, such as those related import and placing on the market, will be issued by means of document reviews and by using remote connections.

The laboratory used by the Finnish Food Authority will also serve its customers in exceptional circumstances, and all the laboratory services will be available.


Despite the exceptional situation, the entire seed certification process will be carried out normally, including laboratory work. Variety testing and field tests will also be carried in the normal manner.

The market surveillance of seed trade and wild oat surveillance will be primary carried out as document reviews or over remote connections.  

Page last updated 10/12/2020