Treating instructions for fishing gear in areas with detected or suspected cases of IHN virus infection

IHN-virus can possibly be found in wild fish especially in the areas mentioned below: 

  • Sea area off Vatunki (Ii)
  • The areas of Nilakka ja Virmasvesi lakes located in the River Kymi basin area (including the area of Äyskoski rapids)
  • The Saarijärvi lake area located in the municipalities of Kaavi and Juuka (River Vuoksi basin)
  • The northern parts of Lake Pielinen located in Nurmes (River Vuoksi basin)

Daed fish and their entrails

Dead fish or their entrails must not be left on the ice or the shores of lakes or rivers. They must be disposed of with organic or mixed waste, or buried in the ground.

Instructions for disinfecting equipment and fishing gear

Any equipment, fishing gear or clothes that have been in contact with the fish or waters must be treated either by drying or heating them, or by using a disinfectant. The treatment is performed after the gear has first been cleaned mechanically in such a way that there are no visible remnants of fish or bait or dirt left on them.


24 hours in +20 °C. Heat accessories that are difficult to dry.  


One hour in +60 °C sauna. When you are heating large fishing gear, such as nets, please note that the gear itself should reach the temperature of +60 °C or be kept in hot steam for 5 minutes.

Disinfectant suitable for the purpose

Please note that disinfectants corrode metals and there is no knowledge of the impacts of all of them on, for example, fly fishing lines. Careful removal of disinfectants by rinsing after their duration of action usually helps prevent severe corrosion. Naturally, the rinsing should always be performed using clean water and not water taken from, for example, the same fishing area where the viruses the spread of which you are trying to prevent are found. The list below gives some examples of commercial products for disinfecting, but also other similar products can be used.

  • Hygisept, Virkon S, 1% solution, duration of treatment 30 minutes
  • Parvocide H-Plus, 1% solution, duration of treatment 1 to 2 hours
  • Alcohol-based disinfectants (with alcohol concentration of approximately 70%), used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, allowed to evaporate after use, suited for disinfecting easily corroding objects. Commercial products include Alcodes, Desipower Alkoholi-12 80%
  • Quaternary ammonium cations, or quats: Used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Commercial products include P3, Suma Bac D10
  • Peroxide and peracetic acid compounds: Used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Commercial products include P3 –Oxonia Aktiv, Divosan Aktiv, F 268 Airol

Freezing does not destroy the virus, as in laboratories the virus is specifically stored in a freezer

Page last updated 7/5/2019