Quarantine pests and diseases

Quarantine pests and diseases are harmful organisms, defined under legislation and difficult to control. They cause considerable damage to production in agriculture, forestry and gardening. Below you can find links to the data sheets of EPPO (in pdf format) for the most important quarantine pests and diseases for Finland.

Quarantine pests and diseases in Finland are defined by EU Council Directive 2000/29/EC, Annexes I and II.

Compulsory notification

Quarantine pests and diseases must not be present on production sites or plants offered for sale, whether imported or exported. Anyone who finds, or suspects they have found, quarantine pests or diseases, is obliged to notify a plant inspector from Evira or the region’s ELY-centre.


Greenhouse production

Horticulture in open field

Potato and sugar beet production


Page last updated 1/15/2019