Plant diseases and pests

The pest laboratory investigates harmful pests – and pests which damage propagation material – identified in EU plant health legislation. Pests are defined on the basis of their external distinguishing features using a microscope (fungal diseases, nematodes and insects) or various analysis methods such as modern molecular biological tests (fungal, bacterial and viral diseases, nematodes and insects). 

Most samples of harmful pests are taken by official plant health inspectors and inspections are based on the plans of the Plant Health Unit of the Finnish Food Authority. The samples inspected include plants, seedlings, food and seed potatoes, and soil.

The laboratory also has a fee-based Pest Identification Service. This service is intended for all producers, importers and actors in the sector. The purpose of the service is to assist actors in conducting independent inspections in case of pests, and to verify the health of plants. 

Contact personer

  • Jukka Tegel, Head of Section, Senior Researcher, Plant diseases, tel. 040 575 9174
  • Mirkka Soukainen, Researcher, Plant diseases, tel. 040 583 4943
  • Johanna Santala, Researcher, Plant diseases, tel. 050 410 0235 
  • Mikko Lehtonen, Researcher, Plant diseases, tel. 050 301 3672
  • Ville Welling, Researcher, Insects, mites, nematodes tel. 040 776 4502