Wood laboratory

The wood laboratory is the only laboratory in Finland investigating the incidence of quarantine pests found in timber and forest trees within the scope of plant health control in imported wood or Finnish coniferous forests.

Samples from coniferous timber imported from Russia and samples taken from Finnish conifers are analysed for pinewood nematodes.

Wooden packaging materials (such as pallets, frame structures and boxes) arriving in Finland from outside the EU are also analysed for pinewood nematodes.

Analysis is also conducted on insect pest samples, which are mainly taken from conifers imported from Russia.

Contact person

  • Jyrki Tomminen, Senior Researcher, Forest and Timber Pests, mobile +358 40 725 7236 
  • Sari Väre, Laboratory Technician, Forest and Timber Pests, mobile +358 40 519 8817, 


Page last updated 7/9/2019