Exposure of Finnish consumers to food additives

The aim of the project is to estimate the dietary exposure of Finnish people of different ages (children, adults and elderly) to food additives. In addition, the function of different food additives is described together with their attributes possibly affecting the consumer’s health.

This project is part of a larger scheme to estimate the exposure of consumers of different ages to regulated food ingredients. Maximum permissible levels and/or true use levels from industry are used to identify those food additives for which the acceptable daily intake (ADI) may be exceeded with current Finnish consumption levels. Thus the control measures can be directed to these additives.

Risk profiles on food additives and other regulated food ingredients will chart the current level of exposure, provide a basis for the later monitoring of the exposure and identify the regulated food ingredients that may require closer monitoring.

Key words

Regulated food ingredients, food additives, ADI, exposure, intake, risk profile, E number


Food additives 2014-2017, flavourings and enzymes by 31.12.2017



Project group

senior researcher Johanna Suomi
senior researcher Liisa Uusitalo (2014)
senior researcher Kimmo Suominen
senior researcher Tero Hirvonen (2015-)
senior researcher Pirkko Tuominen

More information

Johanna Suomi, senior researcher, Risk Assessment Research Unit