Occurrence of undesirable compounds in fish feed and feed material of marine origin

In Finland, 13 million kg of farmed fish was produced in 2007. Feed material of marine origin such as fish meal and fish oil are major components in fish feed. Many undesirable compounds may accumulate in fish. Thus these end up to fish feed and they may accumulate into farmed fish.

This project aims at investigating the occurrence of dioxins, polychlorated biphenyls (PCB), perfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS), organic tin compounds and mercury in fish feed and in feed material of marine origin. This information can be used for intake estimates, developing risk management and for decision making.

Project group

Kimmo Suominen (Evira)
Anja Hallikainen (Evira)

Time schedule

2008 - 2010

Project funding


Further information

Kimmo Suominen, kimmo.suominen@foodauthority.fi