Hazards of importing animal by-products

Category 2 animal by-products (ABPs) are imported to Finland mainly for fur animal feed production but also as raw material for energy production or fertilizers. This risk profile investigates potential animal health risks posed by  ABPs to the Finnish cattle, swine and sheep production as well as fish farming.

Import routes, treatment and use of ABPs are described in the report. Pathogens that can be present in ABPs and transmission pathways to food producing animals are investigated. Also, risk management options concerning ABP processes are described.

The long treatment chain of ABPs may cause health risks if the treatment is inefficient, fails or recontamination occurs. However, there is no obvious direct contact between ABPs and food producing animals.  Indirect contact would be most likely on farms holding both fur and food producing animals.  

Research group

Reetta Stjerna (Helsinki University) MSc thesis work
Leena Sahlström (Evira)
Tapani Lyytikäinen (Evira) 

Projekt funding



2014 - 2015 

Additional information



Stjerna, R., Sahlström, L., Lyytikäinen, T. Hazards of importing category 2 animal by-products – a risk profile (in Finnish, summary in English). Evira’s Research Reports 4/2015. Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira.  

Other publications

Stjerna R, Sahlström L & Schulman K. Sivutuotteiden maahantuonnin vaaraa on selvitetty. Saparo. June 2015.

Oral presentations

Sahlström L: Eläinperäisten luokan 2 sivutuotteiden maahantuloon liittyvät vaarat. Ajankohtaista riskinarvioinnista 6.11.2015, Helsinki.