Total Diet Study


The purpose of the EU project is to harmonise the methods of gathering data on dietary exposure. The project aims to create standardised concepts and procedures for the requirements of both food usage data, taking samples, preparation of samples, analysis, and the risk assessment carried out on the analysis results. The analyses are carried out on the foodstuffs based on the food usage data in such a way that the foods are first prepared in accordance with normal food preparation practices. The intention is to obtain as realistic information as possible on dietary exposure to the substances under study for risk assessment purposes.


The project will create standardised guidelines for Total Diet Study (TDS) -type dietary intake studies for all areas of study. In addition, the pilot study of the project provides practical experience of the design and execution of TDS-type research right down to risk assessment. The project also creates a shared database for subsequent research.


total diet study, foodstuffs, dietary intake calculations

Responsible project leader:

ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational health and safety

Person at Evira responsible for the project:

Tiina Putkonen, Senior Research, D.Sc. (Tech.), Chemistry and Toxicology Research Unit

In cooperation with:

Anses – France;
IFR – United Kingdom;
EuroFIR AISBL – Belgium;
RIVM – The Netherlands;
NIPH/SZU – Czech Republic;
INRAN – Italy;
BfR – Germany;
UGR – Spain;
NUID UCD – Ireland;
UGENT – Belgium;
HAH – Croatia;
PVD – Latvia;
CNA/AESAN – Spain;
FERA – United Kingdom;
INSA – Portugal;
NIPH/FHI – Norway;
MATIS – Iceland;
NFNI/IZZ – Poland;
ISS – Italy;
TUBITAK – Turkey;
URV – Spain;
VITO – Belgium;
NFA – Sweden;
ETHZ – Switzerland;
ILSI Europe aisbl - Belgium

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