Cooperation group on ethics of scientific research

The scientific research activities of the organisation are carried out in compliance with good scientific practice and the research is ethically acceptable and reliable, and the results are plausible. Any misconduct may be manifested as falsification of research or failure to comply with good scientific practice. Suspected cases of misconduct are dealt with in the Cooperation Group on Ethics of Scientific Research. If required, an expert member can be invited to be heard by the Cooperation Group.


  • Liisa Maunuksela, Research Director


  • Tuija Gadd, Head of Virology Unit
  • Anna-Liisa Myllyniemi, Head of Microbiology Unit
  • Marjukka Anttila, Research Professor
  • Marika Jestoi, Senior Officer, Food Safety
  • Mirja Kartio, Head of Plant Analytics Unit
  • Pirkko Tuominen, Head of Risk Assessment Unit
  • Tiina Lapveteläinen, Chief Lawyer