A notification on the use of biological control agents or pollinators must be filed with Finnish Food Authority.

Notification is sufficient if:

  • the species are indigenous to Finland; or
  • the species are included in EPPO’s list PM 6/3 (control agents).

The notification must be filed no later than two (2) weeks before the product is marketed, imported or used. The notification can be filed free of charge and is product-specific. Macro-organism species can be notified if the organism has not been fabricated into a product.

The notified products and purposes of use are listed in the table published on Finnish Food Authority’s website as soon as the notifications are accepted.

According to Finnish Food Authority's interpretation, indigenous species have spread to Finland without human assistance. Non-indigenous species started to spread to Finland with humans after 1850, so species established in Finland prior to that are, with a few exceptions, indigenous species.

No EPPO list similar to that of control agents exists for pollinators. The pollinator species currently used in plant production are not indigenous to Finland, so an application for approval must be filed for their use, import or marketing.

Page last updated 1/25/2019