A Faulty Hygiene Passport

As soon as the Hygiene Passport Examiner has issued the Hygiene Passport to the client, it should be checked to ensure that the name and birthdate are correct. If the name or birthdate is wrong, the Hygiene Passport Examiner who issued the original Hygiene Passport should be contacted without delay.

Both parts of the original, faulty Hygiene Passport should always be sent to the Hygiene Passport Examiner for ordering a new Hygiene Passport. Then, the Hygiene Passport Examiner will order a new Hygiene Passport with the correct details. The Hygiene Passport Examiner puts in a new order based on the name and birthdate that the client wrote on the test form during the test.


The contact details for almost all of the Examiners are available under the link “List of proficiency examiners”. It has the contact details for the Examiners who have given permission for their contact details to be published. 

For more information and contact details for the Hygiene Passport Examiners, contact Finnish Food Authoritie’s customer service on Hygiene Passports:

  • hygieniapassi@ruokavirasto.fi
  • Customer Service number 029 5300 402 on Tuesdays 9 – 12 am
Page last updated 10/23/2018