Hygiene Passport based on a test

Who has to take a Hygiene Passport test?

A Hygiene Passport test has to be carried out by those who want or need a Hygiene Passport and who do not have a suitable qualification or education in the food sector.

Where can I take the Hygiene Passport test?

Hygiene Passport tests are organised all over Finland by independent Hygiene Passport Examiners approved by Finnish Food Authority. The Hygiene Passport Examiners do not organise tests outside Finland’s borders. The Examiners' contact details are found under the link "List of proficiency examiners". The list is organised according to postal code, which makes it easy for you to find Hygiene Passport Examiners in your area. You can contact Examiners in your municipality or area by for example e-mail when you want information on timetables, prices and so on for the Hygiene Passport tests. The list contains the Examiners who have given permission for their contact details to be published.

You can ask an approved Hygiene Passport Examiner directly about timetables, enrolling and participating in a Hygiene Passport test.

How can I take the Hygiene Passport test?

The Hygiene Passport test can be taken either as a normal Hygiene Passport test or as a test under special circumstances. For more information on the topic, go to the link “Proficiency test”.

What happens if I don’t pass the Hygiene Passport test?

You can repeat the Hygiene Passport test.

At what age can you participate in a Hygiene Passport test?

Hygiene proficiency and the testing included is meant specifically for those who work on food premises, that is those who have the legal right to work in Finland. As a rule, this means a person who is 15 years of age and older, who can enter employment independently.  A person who is under the age of 15 can be employed for light work for no more than half of the holidays and also temporarily during the school year. In this case, the parents approve the employment contract on behalf of the worker. A Hygiene Passport test can, however, be taken by anyone and there is no age limit for participating in the test.