Hygiene Passport based on qualifications/educations

Who can get a Hygiene Passport based on their qualifications/education?

A person with an education or qualification containing a sufficient amount of food hygiene studies can get a Hygiene Passport without having to pass a Hygiene Passport test (the approved qualification or education has to be carried out on or after 1.1.1995). More details on the qualifications and education are found in Finnish Food Authority’s regulation on hygiene proficiency (11/2019) annex 2. The regulation is found via the link “Legislation and instructions”.

As to vocational exams, the qualification has to be completed in its entirety. When it comes to higher studies (vocational high school, polytechnic and university level), unfinished courses are accepted as long as sufficient studies/courses in food hygiene are shown in the extract of the study registry. Stand-alone studies or courses also have to be passed on 1.1.1995 or later. 

Are health care qualifications accepted?

No. The studies in the health care sector concentrate on microbiology, contamination and sanitation from a different point of view from that of food hygiene. Self-checks, controls of temperatures of foodstuffs and food legislation are not included in the studies in the health care sector.

If a qualification in the health care sector higher than a vocational qualification contains a sufficient amount of food hygiene studies, the proficiency examiner may issue a Hygiene Passport after having confirmed the matter.

How can I get a Hygiene Passport based on my qualifications/education?

Hygiene Passport Examiners approved by Finnish Food Authority can issue a Hygiene Passport based on a qualification/education. You can contact any of the Hygiene Passport Examiners. There is a list of almost all of the Examiners under the link “List of proficiency examiners”.

The following documents have to be supplied to the Hygiene Passport Examiner you have contacted with regards to issuing of the Hygiene Passport:

  • a certified true copy of the diploma including an extract of the study registry
  • an official certificate that shows name change, if the name has changed after the qualification/education were completed (for example an extract from the population information system or a marriage certificate).

The Hygiene Passport Examiner checks that the Hygiene Passport can be issued based on the diploma/extract of the study registry. The Examiner issues a Hygiene Passport with the name and birthdate that are recorded on the diploma/extract of the study registry.