Studies/training before the Hygiene Passport test

It is not compulsory to take a course in order to take a Hygiene Passport test. If you wish, you can prepare for the test by using study material you have acquired from for example the internet or the library or alternatively participate in courses or training. You can also take the test without training/studying. You are not required to train/study before taking the test. 

However, training is an efficient way of acquiring basic knowledge on food hygiene. Actual food hygiene training is part of the studies in the educational establishments of the food sector. Training related to the subject is also organised by private consulting firms in the sector and by many Hygiene Passport Examiners. Employers can organise courses at the workplace as part of staff training.

Finnish Food Authority does not organise courses or training and does not publish educational or study material on hygiene proficiency. Finnish Food Authority is not responsible for the training, publication or study material that different entities or Hygiene Passport Examiners may offer. There are no rules, regulations or instructions on training. 

Finnish Food Authority has collected information on the different areas of food hygiene on its internet pages, which you can familiarise yourself with before taking the Hygiene Passport test.

The links “Publications” and “External links” give some examples of self-tuition material. This material has not been published by Finnish Food Authority. Finnish Food Authority is not responsible for the contents of the materials.

Page last updated 11/20/2019