Food control and monitoring

The purpose of food control is to ensure the safety of foodstuffs and the correctness of their quality and composition information.

Practical monitoring 

Most food control measures are handled by the municipalities and organised by area of cooperation. Municipal food control authorities include veterinarians, health inspectors and other municipal food inspectors. Supervision of slaughterhouses and connected facilities, as well as meat inspections, are the responsibility of Finnish Food Authority.

Regional State Administrative Agencies direct municipal authorities

The Regional State Administrative Agency is charged with directing the food monitoring measures taken by municipalities. Its tasks include compliance assessments within the municipal food supervision units. The objective of these assessments is to improve municipal food control and to gather information on its compliance with the given requirements.

Finnish Food Authority leads and develops nationwide food control

The Finnish Food Authority leads and develops food supervision in all regions of Finland.


Customs supervises foodstuffs entering Finland from third party countries, with the exception of animal-based products, whose import is supervised by Finnish Food Authority.

Defence Forces

In areas owned by the Finnish Defence Forces, supervising the safety and compliance of foodstuffs is the responsibility of the Defence Forces.

Companies' self-monitoring

Companies are responsible for the safety of their own products. In-house monitoring is the basis for the supervision of their production. Consumers can help improve the quality of foodstuffs by staying alert and informing the municipal authorities of any deficiencies encountered.

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