Where can you complain about defective foodstuffs?

Food control is primarily carried out in municipalities. The responsibility for practical control activities rests with for example municipal health inspectors, veterinarians and food inspectors.

The operators in the food sector are responsible for the safety of their own products they market. The companies control the quality and conformity of the foodstuffs that they produce and market (in-house control). The food control authorities control the operation of the companies and the safety of the products as well as the implementation of in-house control. The authorities initiate action if non-conformities are found.

If you want to make a complaint concerning foodstuffs or the handling and storage conditions of foodstuffs, contact your own municipal food control. It is also advisable to provide feedback directly to the company.

Contact information for municipal food control authorities is provided on Finnish Food Authority's web site: Feedback on food

Page last updated 11/19/2018