Bringing food for private use

Do not bring African swine fever to Finland!

There are restrictions on bringing in pork or wild boar meat or products made of them, if the products are originating from countries where African swine fever has been detected. In European Union, the disease occurs in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Italy (Sardinia), and Slovakia, for instance.

The situation of the disease should to be checked from local authorities or other official contacts because the disease situation may change rapidly.

African swine fever occurs outside European Union in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Serbia, Georgia, China, and several African countries, for instance.

The restrictions of import apply also to hunted meat!


Souvenirs of food 

Private persons may bring food of animal origin from within the European Union internal market to Finland for their own personal use or for presents. However, bringing of food of animal origin may be restricted based on animal diseases occurring in the country of origin.

It is permitted to bring in such an amount of food of animal origin or products containing food that can be considered reasonable consumption by a private person in a private household. Information on the limitations on bringing in food of non-animal origin for personal consumption or as presents is available at, where you will also find the limit for tax free imports of these.

Import of food for private consumption does not require a first arrival notification to Finnish Food Authority on the matter.

But if the products in question are intended for some kind of distribution, also non-commercial, or sale, the activity is considered to be an activity at the point of entry, and is therefore subject to first arrival control.


Travellers may bring with them game that they have shot themselves unless the import is restricted due to the local conditions in animal diseases. The specific restrictions and areas where animal diseases occur can be found in EU safe guard measures. In addition, the limit for tax-free import has to be adhered to, and the CITES regulations and decisions on protection have to be observed.

Commercial activity

If food of animal origin is imported from the internal market for commercial purposes (for distribution or sale) to Finland, it is considered as activity at the place of first arrival and is covered by the official food control at the point of entry. This kind of activity need to be reported to Finnish Food Authority. More information at For first arrival operators.