Pet passport

The model of the new passport and the supplementary demands regarding it are confirmed in the Commission implementing regulation (EU) no. 577/2013. As for veterinarians, there are changes concerning filling in the passport. The regulation also requires veterinarians to keep records of the passports they have issued. Veterinarians have to keep records of the pet passport number, the microchip number, the pet animal and the owner. The old passport model issued before 29th December 2014 is valid for the duration of the animal’s life. The passport can still only be issued for dogs, cats and ferrets and not for any other animal species.

The passport starts off with new pages with instructions concerning filling in the passport. The owner’s signature is required in the passport. The veterinarian has to always read the animal’s microchip before issuing a passport and also when markings are made in the passport. As for the microchip there is a date for when it has been placed and a date for when it has been read. Transponder is the word used of the microchip. The date for when the microchip has been read is essential information for example when the animal already has a microchip but the passport is issued at a later date. The placement of the tattoo and the date for when it has been read must be marked.

There is a new part IV concerning the issuing of the passport. This part can only be filled in by a veterinarian and it will contain information of the veterinarian and the date of issue and is finalised by the veterinarian’s signature and stamp. The veterinarian can only issue the passport after parts I-IV of the owner, description of the animal, marking of the animal and issuing have been filled in.

As for the rabies vaccination, information of the vaccination date, the valid from date and the valid until date have to be filled in. The stamp is no longer used; instead the veterinarian fills in his/her contact details along with his/her signature. The same goes with the clinical examination: the veterinarian fills in his/her contact details along with his/her signature. Only for the tapeworm treatment it is allowed for the veterinarian to use his/her stamp.

New security features have been added to the passport to prevent misuse. When the page on the animal’s markings (part III) has been filled in, the page in question is covered with a transparent laminate sheet. If information of a page in the passport has been put on a sticker and the sticker is not self-destructive when removed, it must be covered with a laminate sheet. The passport contains the laminate sheets required.

A slightly different looking model of the passport has been created for countries that apply the same regulations and procedures as EU Member States. Especially the cover of these passports is different. Countries that are allowed to use this type of passport are Norway and Switzerland.


Page last updated 4/23/2021