Import of by-products from outside the EU

Non-food products of animal origin, ie by-products, include animal feed, hides and skins, wool, feathers and feathers, and certain fertilizers and trophies.

Products of animal origin imported from third countries into the European Union must meet the import requirements for those products (by-products). Certain non-animal products, such as hay and straw, have also been subject to import requirements as they may pose a risk of spreading animal diseases.

If you are importing by-products from Norway, Switzerland, Greenland and Liechtenstein, please check the Internal Market terms and conditions

  • Keep in mind the following when importing by-products from outside the EU:
  • Only import from countries allowed to import to EU
  • Obtain a health certificate for the product in question
  • Remember the TSE guarantees (usually included in the health certificate model) and any CITES regulations
  • Do prenotification on TRACES program
  • Review the Commission's safeguard measures
  • Remember the veterinary border inspection


TSE guarantees

Imports of products from bovine, ovine and caprine animals must take into account the TSE status (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy) of the country of origin.

The health certificate issued by an official veterinarian of the country of origin must include guarantees on TSE material if the product contains meat from bovine, ovine or caprine animals. Third countries are classified in three sections according to the risk of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (Bovine spongiform encephalopathy)

  • Countries with negligible BSE risk
  • Countries with a controlled BSE risk
  • Countries with undetermined BSE risk


Page last updated 10/4/2019