Current restrictions on exports

The country of destination can restrict exports in order to for example stop the spread of animal or plant diseases. We inform of the new restrictions by e-mail to the inspectors and businesses that are recorded in the export register regarding the country or product the new restriction relates to.

Please note that an outbreak of an animal or plant disease in Finland or another EU country also can affect the exports of other products and the ability to use export licences. Always make sure that the guarantees for freedom from disease on the export licences are correct.

More information on restrictions for exports:

Cervids and products derived from these

  • Due to TSE in cervids live cervids cannot be exported anywhere.
  • Japan has an import ban also for products derived from cervids.

Fish and fishery products

  • Due to the fish disease IHN there are export restrictions on live fish from current restricted zones/monitoring areas.
  • Export of live fish and fishery products from Åland to Russia is banned. The reason is the fish disease VHS. The ban was put in place in 2005.

Plant products

  • Export of potatoes and plant material from EU countries to Russia is prohibited. The reason is detection in export lots of harmful organisms mentioned in the Russian legislation. The ban was put in place in 2013. 
    • The ban does not apply to pot plants grown in greenhouses. You will need an Intra-EU Phytosanitary Communication Document (IPCD) if you export pot plants from another EU country to Russia. If you export pot plants to another EU country and they are exported from there to Russia, you should contact the Plant Health Unit of the Food Authority to get an IPCD document.

Russia’s counter-sanctions

Page last updated 2/14/2022