PlantLIBRA: Plant food supplements. Levels of intake, benefit and risk assessment

The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira was one of the partners in the EU project PlantLIBRA. The objectives were to expand knowledge on the use of plant food supplements and to develop, validate and disseminate methodologies for risk and benefit assessment. There were 25 partners from four continents involved. Besides the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira, the National Institute for Welfare and Health (THL) was represented from Finland.

A food supplement is a pre-packaged product sold in the form of capsule, tablet, powder, liquid or some other dosage form and marketed as a food product. The purpose of food supplements is through the nutrients or other substances they contain to supplement diet or in other ways to affect nutritional of physiological functions. Vitamin and mineral supplements are common examples of food supplements.

This research project concentrated on plant based food supplements. Echinacea, herbal products and garlic products were examples of the plant food supplements. Currently, very little is known about the consumption habits of plant food supplements. One of the main objectives was to estimate intakes and consumption patterns of plant food supplements of different population groups in European regions. In addition, a database of biological active compounds of plant food supplements and their safety was produced.

Research Group, Evira

Senior researcher Liisa Uusitalo  
Researcher Maija Salmenhaara
Head of Unit Kirsti Savela


2010 - 2014

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