Federal Centre for Animal Health ARRIAH

The Finnish Food Authority and the Russian centre for animal health FGBI ARRIAH have concluded a collaboration agreement to improve the prevention of infectious animal diseases through joint research.

To achieve this, the parties agree to:

  • Collect and exchange data regarding infectious animal diseases.
  • Have their researchers visit each other for further education.
  • Engage in joint experimental studies.
  • Develop the practices to better control diseases.
  • Organise workshops to develop and introduce laboratory methods for the surveillance of diseases.
  • Organise and participate in scientific conferences.

The results of research carried out under this agreement, and the rights to these results are shared by the contracting parties.

Each of the contracting parties carries the costs of fulfilling the contract for their respective parts separately.
D. A. Lozovoy and Matti Aho, Director General of the Finnish Food Safety Authority (EVIRA), are the persons in charge of this collaboration.

The Finnish Food Safety Authority (EVIRA) is part of the Finnish Food Authority which became operational on 1 January 2019. The Director General of the Finnish Food Authority is Antti-Jussi Oikarinen.

Additional information:
Research Director Liisa Maunuksela, liisa.maunuksela@foodauthority.fi

Page last updated 3/13/2019