Security message service (Turvaviesti)

Please note that regular, unprotected e-mail is not secure. Send confidential or otherwise sensitive information to the Finnish Food Authority in the security message service (Turvaviesti), at https://turvaviesti.ruokavirasto.fiConfidential or otherwise sensitive information includes, for example, personal identification numbers, health information, financial status information, and business and professional secrets. You can also send large file attachments in Turvaviesti.

The language of Turvaviesti depends on the language of the browser you are using. In the upper right corner of the service there is a menu where you can change the language you want.

Enter your email address in Turvaviesti and accept the registration of your address. You may use a personal or shared mailbox address to send a security message to the Finnish Food Authority. The registration of your e-mail address in Turvaviesti service is valid for 30 days.

Upon registration, you will receive a message in your e-mail containing a link to secure messaging in Turvaviesti.

If you want to retain the security message you sent, save it after sending it. The recipient can read the message you sent for 30 days in Turvaviesti.

Page last updated 11/26/2021