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The Finnish Food Authority’s website is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. For any reindeer herding-related matters, we provide content also in Sami.

The website has been divided into the following main sections for different customer groups: Foodstuffs, Animals, Plants, Laboratory and Support and Funding. In addition to these main sections, the website includes thematic pages that focus on specific topics.

You can ask questions and provide your feedback on food products and for example ask about how to establish your own food-related company from your municipality’s food control authorities. You can find the contact information for your municipality by using the search function on the website.

Feedback on food products

The contact information for municipal cooperation areas, ELY Centres and Leader groups that serve administrative support customers can be found by using the search function. After you select your home municipality from the list, the website will display the contact information for your area’s municipality, ELY Centre and Leader group. Contact information

Technical recommendations

Our online service has been designed for and tested on the most widely-used browsers. We recommend e.g. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. We recommend that you keep your browser up-to-date. If a page or application on our website does not work, empty your cache, close all of your browser windows and try again, or turn your computer off and on again.

Our website includes PDF documents, and you will need to install the Adobe Acrobat Reader program to read them.  


The materials published on the website are the property of the Finnish Food Authority or, in the case of materials created by some other party, the specified party in question. The online service is subject to the Copyright Act and other rules and regulations related to copyright.

The materials on the page may be used and linked to, but the source of the information must be mentioned. The use of the materials for commercial purposes must always be agreed upon separately with the Finnish Food Authority.

Legal reservation

The Finnish Food Authority is responsible for the contents of the service and the accuracy of the announcements that it makes. All efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the contents of the website. The Finnish Food Authority is not responsible for the costs or damages caused by the any possible errors in the information contained in the website. The Finnish Food Authority is also not responsible for any such harm that is caused by technical errors or linked materials to the website that have been published by external parties.

Processing of personal data

We protect the privacy and personal data of the visitors to our website in the manner specified in the Personal Data Act. We do not collect any information that could be used to identify individual visitors.

Data protection at the Finnish Food Authority

Information collected on the website

Our website uses cookies to enable certain functions and collect usage-related statistics. We collect statistical information on how the website is used in order to develop the online service. This type of information includes e.g. visitor counts, page popularity, what page the user moved from to the service, the most used search words and browsers. The information collected on user visits include e.g. the time of day of the visit, the pages that were accessed, the user’s browser and operating system.

You can manage your use of cookies by changing your browser’s settings or by clicking Change your consent. You can block the use of cookies, allow them to be used only upon request or have them deleted after your browser sessions has ended. However, please remember that if you block the use of cookies, this may cause deficiencies in the functionality of the website. 


Reader comments

Some of the Finnish Food Authority’s online services allow users to submit comments. You are free to write what you want, but your comment must be related to the topic at hand. Commenters are personally responsible for the contents of their comments.

We will delete any messages that contain any inappropriate language or other type of inappropriate content. These include any defamatory statements, information related to private individuals, name-calling, false information, inciting people to commit a crime, inciting against an ethnic group, and impersonating another person. Any advertising is also forbidden.


Use the feedback form to submit your feedback on the online service.  We will read all feedback that is related to the clarity and comprehensiveness of the contents of the website as well as the functionality of the website. For any feedback on the activities of the Finnish Food Authority, use the same feedback form. The feedback form is unsecured, so do not include any sensitive data, such as your bank account number or personal identity code, in your message.


Any matters that require official measures cannot be initiated using the feedback form, and these must be submitted to the registry of the Finnish Food Authority kirjaamo@ruokavirasto.fi.

Further information

For more information on the website, contact the Finnish Food Authority’s communications unit.

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