Spatial data sets

In connection with official activities, the Finnish Food Authority produces spatial data sets that provide high-value information to monitor the state of the environment and enable the creation of new services for the natural resources sector.

The Finnish Food Authority has published spatial data sets under the INSPIRE Directive since 2020. Since 2023, the published data has contained high-value data sets.


The INSPIRE Directive aims to enhance the availability and interoperability of spatial data. The Act on Spatial Data Infrastructure (421/2009) contains provisions on the obligation of the public authorities to make spatial data sets and services publicly available. To meet these openness obligations, the Finnish Food Authority is making public spatial data available for viewing and downloading under section 10, subsection 2 of the Act on the Information Pool of the Finnish Food Administration (560/2021).

As part of the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive, the Finnish Food Authority is making the following data sets available:

  • Land parcel register (land cover)
  • Landscape feature on agricultural land (land cover)
  • Agricultural parcel containing spatial data (land use)
  • Agricultural land: arable land, permanent grassland or permanent crop (land use)

High-value data sets

The aim of defining high-value datasets (EU) 2023/138 has been to ensure that the most potential public information in society is available to be reused. In the Annex to the Regulation, valuable datasets are divided into six thematic categories: spatial data, land observation and environment, weather data, statistical data, data of companies and ownership of companies, and mobility data. Materials mentioned in the theme categories must be available free of charge and through interfaces.

The Finnish Food Authority is affected by the theme spatial data in the following: Reference parcels and Agricultural parcels

Since 2023, the Finnish Food Authority is adding attribute data to the data to be published as follows:

  • Field parcel register
    • Organic production
    • Slope, ha (sloped areas in the basic parcel, slope in mainland Finland more than 15% and in Åland more than 10%)
    • Groundwater area, ha
    • Natura area, ha
    • Buffer strip requirement (metres), m
  • Agricultural parcel containing spatial data
    • Organic production

With the implementation of the decree, the Finnish Food Authority categorises its modified INSPIRE material as open material, and at the same time the user licence for the material changes to Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.


The descriptions of the spatial data published by the Finnish Food Authority (metadata) can be found in the spatial data directory maintained by the National Land Survey of Finland.

The spatial data sets can be viewed in Finland’s national geo-portal Paikkatietoikkuna.
You can access the spatial data window at where the user can view materials and services with their metadata.

In addition to Paikkatietoikkuna, you can also view spatial data sets of the Finnish Food Authority using separate spatial data software via the WMS interface.

You can download data sets using separate spatial data software via the following WFS interface.

You can also download data sets using the Atom feed.

Direct download links for materials:

Licence to use the Finnish Food Authority's spatial data sets

Creative Commons BY 4.0 is used for the spatial data sets of the Finnish Food Authority.

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