Price list

Price list (in Finnish or Swedish)

Pricing is based on regulations

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry regulates the fees payable by the Finnish Food Authority and the fees payable for public-law services (paid official services) according to Decree 1248/2023 (in Finlex-service in Finnish or Swedish). In addition to authority services, the Finnish Food Authority offers other paid services, the payments of which are decided by the Finnish Food Authority on business grounds. The above prices can be found in the Price list. You can see the prices of the independent boards of the following Decree:

  • Fees related to Porovahinkolautakunta (the reindeer accident board) are based on Decree 1215/2022.
  • Fees for the performance of Eläinlääkintävahinkojen arviolautakunta (Veterinary Patient Injury Board) will be charged in accordance with Decree 1214/2022.
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