Invoices to consumers will be delivered via the service as of 1 December 2020

November 20/2020

State accounting units must offer consumers safe and commonly used channels for receiving invoices. These include e-invoices and invoices sent via the Messages service. Starting 1 December 2020, all sales invoices by the Finnish Food Authority that are in paper form will be forwarded to the consumer's electronic mailbox in Messages or, in the absence of an electronic mailbox, to the printing service.

For smooth invoicing, the consumer customer needs to be using the Messages service. Invoices are forwarded to Messages on the basis of a personal identity code. It is only possible to forward a consumer's e-invoice if the invoice contains a personal identity code. When relaying a personal identity code, a secure connection between the parties is always used and the personal identity code is not printed on the invoice.

You can access Messages by logging in to the web service and giving the authorities permission for electronic communication. In addition to invoices, you will also receive authorities' decisions, instructions and other communications electronically in the web service.

How to enable Messages:

  • Log in to the web service using your electronic banking personal identity codes, mobile certificate or certificate card (personal or organisational card, social welfare and healthcare professional's ID card) at
  • Click on "Messages" in the menu at the top of the page. Give your permission for electronic communication, and provide contact information for receiving notifications about new messages in the service. If you have previously used the Kansalaisen asiointitili service, you will not be asked for your consent again.
  • If you prefer, you can choose to stop receiving electronic messages and receive communications from authorities by paper mail.

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