Receive our invoices from here on as digital mail in Kivra instead of paper mail

April 8/2024

We have taken in use the digital mail service Kivra, starting from xxx, in addition to OmaPosti and Messages which were already in use.

By registering to Kivra we will send in the future our invoices to you as secure and fast digital mail instead of paper mail. The Kivra service is free of charge. The digital invoices will arrive correctly and without delays. That way there will be more time to pay the invoices. The service can also be shared with another Kivra user. That way both parties can see the invoices and either one can pay them.


This way you can take Kivra into use:

  1.  Download the Kivra app on your phone from the application store or visit the address
  2.  Register to the service with bank credentials and email address
  3.  Ready! You will start to automatically receive your invoices as digital mail.

The Kivra service sends you a notification when you have received a new invoice and also reminds you when the invoice's due date is getting closer.

Read more about Kivra on

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